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Testimonial from Author P.S. Winn - I use the great people at Owl and Pussycat Promotions for helping get my books noticed. I love their professional work, their amazing staff, and caring people.They get to know you and your books. I hope all will take a minute to head over and see the great prices on packaging and look at the promotion they do for others. I am so impressed and I must admit, I am not impressed easily.


 Autographed Hardcover 

Call Me Grandpa,

A Man's Wish For His Grandchild

by Author Jerry Pociask 

Just $20.00 (Includes S&H)

Owl and Pussycat Promotions: We are the ultimate powerful means to promote your books, journals, blogs, cover reveals, book releases, holiday events and much more. Owl Branch Promotions can also professionally copy edit and proofread or rewrite your contents to make your work look and feel professional. We will also help you Increase your discover-ability and expand your target audience through our professional large network and special abilities.

Owl Branch Book Promotions harnesses a combination of professional tactics; e-technique ideas and marketing avenues to build and attract a targeted audience and readers for any publication. 

We will help you savvy the best techniques and skills to bring reasonable traffics, irrepressible interests, clicks and readers to your books, blog tour, & author events instantly and easily.


Why you need our services:

Marketing information is essential during book promotion, or publication because marketing information is a form of communication in which both readers and the book authors connect to achieve a common goal. So providing ideal and factual information is vital to drive in required traffic/readers. We will help you connect the information about your book to your readers professionally and easily

We will also help you think through your plan and goals, and also choose the right channel to publish your books.

Owl and Pussycat Promotions is dedicated to 100% customer service delivery. We provide professional support and promotional techniques/packages to authors looking to maximize their book sales.

We at Owl and Pussycat Promotions stand for honesty and integrity.

We will help your books get noticed in a vast world of literary works.

Are you a self-published author with an irrepressible book ready to take out the world?




9:00 am to 7:00 pm



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You are welcome to email and message any time! 

Product description:

We will help you gather the best information and channels to maximize your new book, ensuring that your readers and audience are well informed of your work. We provide professional support and promotional techniques to authors looking to maximize their book sales and gain visibility as well as a strong presence in the literary world.


Product features;

  • We will Increase your discover-ability and expand your target audience

  • We offer a multi-social-media promotion and marketing function

  • We will help you assess the commercial potential of your work

  • We will help you submit and post your materials to the required social medias for web traffics, visibility and online

  • We will Connect the information about your book to your readers professionally and easily

  • We offer Beta Readers, Reviews, Graphics, Book Covers, Proofreading and Editing Services



Product title:

At The Owl And Pussycat Book Promotions we have full-working-knowledge of all book publishing and production. As well as Office programs to edit and proofread your work professionally in a spectrum of different areas. Here all your worries become our worries. All your headaches become our headaches, and we will guide you professionally until you meet your goals.

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